German TV Presenter Forces Mandatory Vaccination, And The COLLAPSES Live On-Air!

One German TV interviewer collapsed while newscast, seconds after promoting the mandatory vaccines.

This Tuesday, the event took place on a live-on-air N-TV news broadcast while reporter Clara Pfeffer was interviewing politician Sepp Muller.

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In the video circulating on social media, Pfeffer asked Muller if the country should still wait to implement mandatory vaccination, and seconds after that, she lost consciousness.

“So you are saying we should only activate mandatory vaccination as soon as it will be vital?” Pfeffer asked, adding, “Won’t it be much too late then?”

Pfeffer started mumbling and stared off into the distance, and she fell over.

N-TV reports, “the live broadcast had to be canceled prematurely.”

Later, N-TV editor-in-chief Sonja Schewtje stated that Pfeffer suffered a fainting spell, but she was doing better after getting the medical care.

Pfeffer stated that she collapsed because she skipped breakfast: “I’m supposed to recover first, and I’ll have everything medically checked again. And above all, next time, I’ll have at least a little breakfast.”

Her blackout is the same as other fainting spells witnessed in the past week, but many people claim that the C-19 vaccine is to blame for this!

The same scenario happened in an Olympics broadcast by German-language news channel ZDF, and the cameraman suffered a dizzy spell while filming a live report.

Moreover, cameras were rolling earlier when a Brazilian TV Alterosa journalist Rafael Silva, 36, fainted live on-air while presenting the news. He celebrated getting a third C-19 vaccine dose.

Furthermore, another video surfaced when the comedian Heather McDonald collapsed on stage moments after she stated that she was vaccinated and boosted.

Watch the video below:


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