Genocide Olympics In The USA!

The 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing will be in the history written as the parade celebrating the point where the US lost its ability to perceive reality! Also, it would be remembered for the impending doom brought on by the selling out of the most powerful assets by a treasonous elite class of Baby Boomer political and economic prostitutes.

The sarcasm in the statement is just like the tyranny they ignore in the US, as those rightfully exercising their First Amendment still await the Communist-style circus of the J6 Committee.

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China’s policy of mass genocide skyrockets. They kill 1.2 million Tibetans, 2 million Uighurs are imprisoned in the largest network of forced labor detention camps on the face of the Earth.

Among the estimated 130 million Chinese Christians, a report stated an increase in persecutions. The Olympics have been a historic rating disaster.

NBC still pushed the departure from compassion, common sense, and moral courage into the Americans’ homes.

Watch the video below:


Banned Video

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