Federal Judge Blasted Prosecutors Who Shared Misinformation About Harris J6 Narrative!

It’s fascinating when a fed judge stands against the rampant prosecutorial misconduct in the US. We saw something of this in the Kyle Rittenhouse case, but his story is far from being unique!

The latest reports emphasize that a federal judge issued a sharp rebuke of prosecutors who shared fake news that Harris was in the Capitol on J6.

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With this behavior becoming too common in politics, how can we continue to trust these people?

I don’t even know if the rule of law matters when they are so brazenly and rampantly undermining it systematically?

The US isn’t a nation of laws if the law and justice are trampled over to fulfill notions of progressivism and liberalism!

I guess the politicians think that lying, falsely prosecuting people, and spreading fake news are ok until they are discovered.

Even if these people could accomplish what they are set out to do, it still doesn’t alleviate the fact that the road to hell is paved with great intentions.

Check this out:

According to The Epoch Times:

The government claiming Harris was in the building despite previously admitting she was not “suggests a certain lack of attention and care in the prosecution of this case, undermining any confidence the Court can have in the Government’s representations,” U.S. District Judge Trevor McFadden, a Trump nominee, wrote in an order.

Politico reported:

Although the mistake may have limited legal significance, it’s an indication that even some fundamental facts about the insurrection remain murky — such as, where was the vice president-elect and why did she leave the Capitol?

Harris is one of the two Secret Service protectees who was in the building that day. Pence was the other. Many of the 650-plus defendants arrested for breaching the Capitol are facing charges that they illegally entered a “restricted” area where someone under Secret Service protection was visiting.


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