Excess Mortality Is Linked To C-19 Vaccines! German Doctor Confirmed!

Dr. Reitz doesn’t doubt it! Excess mortality is linked to vaccines. She has observed since 2021; there are largely increased mortalities linked to the C-19 vaccines. Their analysis is connected directly to the booster shot.

She can’t understand the silence of the leading institutions when there is such obvious data. There is no correct information about the risks of vaccination.

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She is a specialist in general medicine and psychotherapeutic medicine, with her practice in Hamburg. In her speech on Monday, January 31.2022, she shared the results of her research with the public.

Since spring 2021, people have constantly been dying like flies. Millions of deaths have been recorded worldwide.

The doctor made a difference between the rapid death within the first 14 days after the vaccination and the permanently increased chance of early death.

In the latter case, the booster vaccination had a crucial role.

In Germany, we have such an obvious excess mortality rate of 22 percent in December and 20 percent in November. That hasn’t happened since the war. That’s what a big newspaper wrote.” She stated.

“You die in Germany. You die in England. They die in Europe. They die all over the world. The fact that no one puts their finger on the wound here, from the press, from the government, is the part that actually makes your blood boil. We’ve all seen it before that a million deaths don’t interest us. There are millions dead; there are millions dead. Worldwide.”

Reitz emphasized that ‘’very hard data from young people in England’’ showed that people under 60 have experienced an excess mortality rate of 100%.

“Hundred percent more chance of dying if you get shots than if you don’t get shots and then get some virus or whatever.”

In Germany, there have been approximately 12-13000 deaths per month due to the vaccine.

“We had ten percent in October. That was way, way, way too much. And we have institutes that are incredibly well paid, such as the Paul Ehrlich Institute and the RKI, which are supposed to be the guardians of our health and should also be able to recognize epidemiological emergencies. All these institutions have this data. Since June, they have seen that we have an inexplicable excess mortality rate that can only be explained by vaccinations. And what are they all doing? They’re certainly not sounding the alarm.” The doctor added.

“It’s not just an allergic shock that can occur. Instead, it has been proven – these were American cardiologists cardiac doctors – that the vessels and organs are inflamed, and therefore the probability of developing serious heart disease increases by 120 percent. Not by 20 percent, but by 120 percent.”
Cancers are the result of the C-19 vaccination.

“It has been proven by a study from Sweden, by Bansal and others, who examined people who had died after vaccination and found up to four months later that the spike proteins, which should actually have been excreted by now, still sit in the cells in the body, in the organs and cause inflammation there. The pathologists in Reutlingen have confirmed the same thing. They also said we see white blood cells everywhere in the organs that don’t belong there. That’s inflammation. That’s why these people died, and they could only associate it with the vaccinations,” Reitz explained.

“That explains why so many cancers explode when people have been vaccinated. This explains why many illnesses that seemed to have been alleviated reappear,” said Reitz.

“We’ve had a 50 percent increase in probability, an increased number of heart attacks and strokes in emergency hospital admissions since April. That’s what the figures from the RKI say. These are all official data that I bring; these are all existing studies. They explain why so many people are dying and have died.”
Booster vaccination increases the risk of death.

“Well, it’s been proven that vaccines are to blame for at least 12 000 deaths a month since November and December. And each booster increases the risk of dying.”

Those who took the jab have fifteen years less to live on average. “So if I were to enlighten someone about vaccination, I would have to say, listen, your risk of dying early from the vaccination, of dying fifteen years earlier, is statistically proven. And the risks of dying from Corona disease are significantly lower. Would you like to be vaccinated? This information is not communicated anywhere at all. And certainly not for children.”


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