Even Ilhan Omar Seems Disgusted About Treatment Of The Canadians That Helped the Trucker Movement

Omar published a tweet today condemning journalists for reporting on a small business owner’s donation to the truck convoy, saying “journalists need to do better.”

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REading Omar’s disgust rings the alarm even louder!

Don’t you agree?

This comes after someone hacked into the “Give Send Go” donor list and now reporters and politicians are documenting and threatening supporters.

Imagine something like that involving the BLM movement?

Then they would’ve burnt America to the roots.

Social media involved conservatives seemed pretty much confused by Ilhan’s rare moment of clarity.

Check for yourself and judge by the comments below.

“Never thought I’d agree with Ilhan Omar om something, but here we are.”

“now i feel bad for my omar jokes. she’s right.”

“I never thought I’d retweet this person in complete agreement.”

“Looks like Hell has indeed frozen over. #Omarhasbeenkidnapped”

“Did someone hack your phone?”

“2022 is messing with my head, I actually agree with Ilhan…”

“I am unironically RTing Illhan Omar who is 100% right here”

This entire movement against the Freedom Truckers has turned so ugly.


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