Durham Probe Confirms Treason: Clinton and Obama’s Espionage Against Trump’s Government

Isn’t it funny how all conspiracy theories “come to real life” eventually?

It sure isn’t following a previous script, but it’s the other way around.

Meaning – they have never been conspiracy theories in the first place.

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Roger Stone, who worked for the Nixon administration, joined the Stew Peters Show on Monday to address the overreach of the corrupt CIA, FBI, and the current administration.

“This is the greatest, single abuse of power in the history of the United States.” Roger Stone told Stew Peters on Monday. “We now have indisputable proof that Barack Obama, and Hilary Clinton, and Joe Biden – who was in the room when all of this was approved – used the full authority of the United States government, and the incredible capabilities of our intelligence agencies, to spy on the Republican candidate for president, and later, to spy on the Republican president of the United States.”

“Is there an entity out there that’s going to go and arrest these people?” Stew Peters told Roger Stone. “These are the most serious of crimes against the United States government and its citizens.”

Throughout the remainder of the interview, Roger Stone condemned the progressive political personnel that perpetuates and supports the overreaching government while sharing his strong stance on arresting criminal political officials involved in espionage against the U.S. government.


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