DENIED: Emergency Order to Give Ivermectin to Hospitalized COVID-19 Patient

Remember the story where the woman sued the entire hospital for not giving the right Ivermectin treatment to her dying husband?

Well, a Manhattan judge in the case has ruled NOT to force the hospital to provide safe, effective treatment.

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“Chernyavsky’s wife, Erika Quintero-Sherry, filed a lawsuit against Mount Sinai Hospital on January 26th hoping to acquire an emergency order to have Ivermectin given to her husband,” reports have stated.

However, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Lynn Kotler denied the request to give her husband ivermectin.

Here’s more from the original NY Post report.

“Plaintiff would have this court order defendant to administer an unapproved treatment to her husband against defendants’ medical opinion rendered in the independent exercise of their professional judgment,” Kotler’s Tuesday decision reads. “Indeed, the record reveals that if prescribed ivermectin, Mr Chernyavsky’s condition may very well worsen.”

“The prevailing view in the medical community … is that ivermectin should not be prescribed,” Kotler said, noting that that is the opinion of the FDA, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and many other medical associations.

“Plaintiff’s paltry showing is insufficient to overcome the mountain of evidence showing that ivermectin is not presently safe or effective in the treatment of COVID-19,” Kotler wrote.

Kotler also noted testimony from a Mount Sinai doctor that Chernyavsky was likely no longer infected with COVID-19, but rather “now must recover from the effects the disease has had on his body and organs.”

While the judge did not grant the emergency motion, the rest of the case must still play out in court.


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