Comedian Heather McDonald Mocked Jesus & People Who Refused The Vaccines! Then, This Happened!

Comedian Heather McDonald performed a comedy bit at the Tempe Improv in AZ this Saturday night, and after she mocked people who believed in Jesus and refused the vaccine, she was in for a fall!


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“I don’t mean to brag,” she said. “I don’t care. But I want you to know: Double vaxxed, booster, flu shot, and, I’m going, to be honest, I have the shingles shot, too.”

“And I still get my period,” she joked unironically. “What?”

She stated that she traveled and went on tour and never got Covid!

“Clearly, Jesus loves me the most,” she quipped.

Then she collapsed on stage, and Twitter commenters emphasized the irony!

If she actually ends up giving her life to Jesus because of this, it’ll be one a heck of a testimony. I truly wish her all the best.

— Zach ( ) (@Just___Zach) February 9, 2022

Here are some of the other remarks:

“Mother of all mic drops,” one commenter remarked.

“They really thought it was part of the bit,” another observed. “Guy laughing hysterically.”

“She gets the opportunity to repent. I wonder if she will?” author James Davison asked.

She stated that the test showed she had a skull fracture and a concussion.

“They checked everything over and over again, and now I’m just recovering from having a concussion,”

McDonald said. “So, I did have a fracture in my skull – right in the back of my head – which caused some bleeding, but then the next CAT scan the morning after showed that it was already starting to heal itself.”

She shared everything with her fans on FB.

“Heather performed at the Tempe Improv on Friday night, Feb 4, with no incident,” the Facebook post said. “She spent Saturday morning uneventfully with her son.”

“On Saturday night, Heather began her 7 pm show at the Improv; she was on stage for approximately 3 minutes and suddenly collapsed,” the status said. “As a result of the fall, she suffered a skull fracture. She had consumed no alcohol prior to or during the show. She was admitted to a local hospital where comprehensive work up underway. Thus far, the tests have revealed no underlying medical issues that may have precipitated this event.’’

“Approximately three weeks ago, Heather had her COVID booster,” the update said. “She was tested for COVID and remains negative.”

Americans know that this isn’t COVID also she was very healthy, but we also know she got the booster against the C-19 three weeks ago.


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