Capitol Police With New Video Of Officer Lila Moris Beating Rosanne Boyland With Stick On J6! Video Is Super Pixilated To Protect Lila!

This week, the latest video evidence showed Capitol Police Officer Lila Morris beating already unconscious Rosanne Boyland on J6m 2021 on the Capitol Steps.

Trump supporter and activist Philip Anderson stated that the Capitol Police killed Trump protester Rosanne On J6.

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Philip knows all of this because he was right next to her when she was dying, and he could die too!

He talked to the TGP about the protests at the US Capitol and how the Capitol police murdered Boyland and killed him too.

The J6 Commission will never call this boy to testify because he knows the truth and will expose everything.

It was an amazing eyewitness report that the fake news media have ignored because it doesn’t match their story.

One black Trump supporter was gassed with clouds of pepper spray, pushed down, and trampled to death as police officers continued to push the supports on the top of a pile of people outside the US Capitol.

Anderson explained how Rosanne Boyland was the first woman killed by Capitol Police that day and Ashli Babbitt was the second one.

In the photo, you will see Anderson unconscious being dragged away by Trump supporters after being crushed under a pile on J6. Roseanne Boyland was next to him when she died.

A second eyewitness contacted TGP right after the interview with Philip and confirmed the story.
Jake Lang is a J6 prisoner held with trial or rights inside the Washington DC jail, and he confirmed this report.

The Capitol Police investigators ruled that beating Rosanne Boyland by Capitol Police officers until she died was ‘objectively reasonable.’

It’s the second murder that day by Capitol Police that was given a pass. Lt. Mike Byrd was exonerated once he shot Ashli Babbit in cold blood inside the US Capitol that day. Investigators didn’t even interview Byrd before being exonerated.

TGP reported that Officer Lila Morris was caught on video beating Rosanne Boylad with a stick while she lay on the ground.

Later Morris was cheered by the media. Now we know that the Capitol Police deemed the deadly beating of Boyland to be ‘objectively reasonable.’

If you are a Capitol Police Officer, you can kill Trump supporters at will. (You will be excused.)

Steven Crowder posted the video on his show earlier today.




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