Brazilian 11-Year-Old Boy Died Three Weeks After The Pfizer C-19 Vaccine! Doctors Say C-19 Virus Is The Cause Of Death!

Luiz Guilherme was a healthy 11-year-old boy who died three weeks after the C-19 vaccine (Pfizer).

The Juiz de Fora resident took the shot on January 21 and suffered shortness of breath immediately after the vaccination.

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On February 8, he went to the hospital, got prescribed medication for flu symptoms, and was released. Luiz underwent a rapid antigen test and tested positive for the C-19 virus.

Estefania Vidal, a close relative, stated that his level of fatigue was high, so he had to be carried home. Once he got home, he rested and was found dead by his grandmother the next day. His death certificate states that he died due to a coronavirus infection.

He got the first dose of the shot three weeks prior to his death; the doctors didn’t link the death to the vaccine.

R7 reported:

“He had no comorbidity. He was extremely active. He played in the street, he hardly got the flu,” he explains. Estefânia also reported that the boy’s two grandmothers were diagnosed with Covid and are in social isolation.

Luiz had already taken the first dose against Covid-19 on January 21. According to the professor of pediatrics at UFMG (Federal University of Minas Gerais), the case is not considered atypical, as the effectiveness of the immunizer needs to be complete with booster doses.

“One dose of the vaccine protects little. With the second dose, the effectiveness of the vaccine is greater. At this time of the pandemic it is important to continue using the mask and following all protocols to expand protection”, warns the doctor.

The COVID World emphasized:

The mayor of Juiz de Fora said in a statement that he has ordered an investigation into the death.


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