Blood Clots Cause All Heart Diseases! Dr. Malcom Kendrick Claims!

In the interview shared in this article, you will hear Dr. Malcom Kendrick, a board-certified family physician and author of ‘’The Clot Thickens: The Enduring Mystery of Heart Disease’’ reviews the mechanism for heart disease, which has been the main death cause in the US.

The thrombogenic hypothesis claims that blood clotting is the basic underlying pathological process that creates various heart diseases.

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When a blood clot forms on the artery wall, it will be covered over and broken down. Then, a problem is created, and the blood clots aren’t entirely eliminated and are the vulnerable point. At that point, another blood clot forms at the same point, and it grows. Later it becomes an atherosclerotic plague.

A clot will be formed where endothelial cells have been stripped away. Then, the blood clot will be covered over by endothelial progenitor cells, which float around in your bloodstream at all times!

In approximately everyone, the process of endothelial damage represents an ongoing process. It means that the problems may occur when the blood clotting process occurs faster than the repair process. It thickens the arterial wall, forcing blood flow through a narrower gap.

When a large blood clot is formed on the top of an existing plague, in this already a narrowed area, a heart attack or stroke happens.

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