BBC CONFESSED: Coof Miracle Jabs Were Designed With AIDS!

Everyone has been vocal about taking the C-19 vaccine, but one high-profile person stated that he won’t take it – cardboard cutout and a visitor Stern Show ‘’Alex Jones.’’

“This is normalized mass extermination, a bio attack on humanity … before the day of our Lord’s birth in the name of the satanic pedophile globalist new world order,” the InfoWard host told Howard Tuesday morning in his return to the show.

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“They want to force inoculation of the Gates vaccination, which has the HIV delivery system gene coding – it has HIV in it!”

Alex tried to change the discussion to the Christmas season, but he was interrupted by flat Bill Gates, who crashed the set with a shot.

“Get that needle out of here, Gates. I will not take your vaccination and be marched into a FEMA death camp,” he insisted before pushing his Liberty Fighter Patriot Pack – food buckets included. “Stack ’em up, wrap some lights around ’em; they make the perfect Christmas tree for bunkers and battle stations.”

When Robin asked him how he managed to avoid contracting the virus until now, Alex credited his supplements.

“We don’t do any animal testing on these products – I test all of the products personally.”


Of course, Alex Jones was the right not to take the vaccine! Why?

Because BBC confessed that some coof miracle jabs were created with AIDS.

Watch the video below and hear what is this about:


Banned Video Howard Stern YouTube

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