Anti-Vaxers Expressed Concern That Scotland’s PH Hides Data Of C-19 Hospitalizations And Deaths By Vaccine Status!!!

On Wednesday, the PHS announced that they would stop sharing the data of C-19 hospitalizations and deaths by vaccine status once the anti-vaxxers inappropriately misinterpreted the data.

The C-19 data won’t be shared anymore because the anti-vaxxers misinterpret it. But, the officials will publish more robust and complex vaccine effectiveness data.

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PHS is worried that the information might be violated to show that the vaccines are dangerous and ineffective.

The Scotsman reported:

Officials said that two central issues relating to the unvaccinated population and testing habits meant the data was no longer reliable or robust and open for misinterpretation without adequate context.

This is due to the fact that the population data used for the unvaccinated population is based on GP registration details, meaning it includes thousands of individuals who are registered but may no longer live in Scotland or simply failed to deregister.

As the vaccinated population grows, this flaw in the data becomes more pronounced due to the true number of unvaccinated people being much lower than the number used, making the final published data less reliable.

Vaccinated people are also more likely to report the results of lateral flow tests, further skewing the data due to changes in how a test result is formally recorded with individuals no longer needing a PCR test to confirm infection.

One PHS official said that focusing on vaccine effectiveness rather than the existing “very simple statistics” would result in “much more robust” data for the public.

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Scotland decided to do this to hide C-19 data t as a result of the criticism from the people in social media.



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