‘Time for the Protesters to Hear Our Jackboots’: Leaked Canadian Police Messages Show Mockery of Injured Protesters

Leaked Ottawa Police and Royal Canadian Mounted Police messages show the depths of callousness and cruelty that have infected the Canadian police forces.

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The message leaked out of a private Police chatroom, and independent journalist Keean Bexte was the one who obtained the messages for the broader public.

“On francophone CBC news, they were saying that the one person got arrested for injuring a Police Service Animal, inserting a bike in his path tripping him up. U can see the horse trip in other views, thankfully the rider stayed on,” Fred wrote.

He is referring to the incident with the disabled woman, if you haven’t deciphered the message just yet…

The Ottawa Police claimed that the woman threw her “bike” at law enforcement.

However, the video shows that it was a disability scooter and it had nothing to do with the incident.

“We should practice that manoeuvre,” one of the Police officers added.

Nixon continued to exhort his fellow RCMP to get in on the ‘action.’

“I’m signed up,” he said. “Anyone not signed up jump on this. You’re police officers first and ride members second. Don’t coward away when we’re needed. Even one shift can relieve and ops member for one night.”


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