The Queen Is Taking Ivermactin?!

Our readers and we know that Ivermectin is a miraculous drug, but our government doesn’t allow it to be used for treating C-19!


Maybe because it will cure the patients, and they wouldn’t have patients to prescribe the unvaccinated deaths to!

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This way, they leave the unvaccinated population to die, and the vaccinated deaths are classified as unvaccinated, only to spread panic and promote the shot!

But, people have woken up, and they know that the shots are useless! The jabs don’t stop the virus spread, it can’t protect from contracting, so it is useless.

Now, people are trying to get Ivermectin and to cure their closest family and friends!

But, if Ivermectin is only for ‘’horses’’ as our government claims, then why is the Queen taking it?

Watch the video below and hear the latest developments.


Banned Video

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