The Crazy Politics Are Backfiring On The Dems! They Are Aware!

Many Americans have known that the people’s politics like AOC and Ilhan Omar are crazy and too left.

Dems are starting to figure out this now, and they are aware this hurts them. The midterms are approaching, and the Dems want to find something, anything they can do to save themselves and avoid the electoral fate.

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Axios reported:

Squad politics backfire

The hard-left politics of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and the so-called “Squad,” once a dominant theme for vast numbers of elected Democrats, is backfiring big-time on the party in power, top Democrats tell us.

Why it matters: The push to defund the police, rename schools and tear down statues has created a significant obstacle to Democrats keeping control of the House, the Senate and the party’s overall image.

“It’s what we’ve been screaming about for a year,” said Matt Bennett, c0-founder of center-left Third Way, which launched Shield PAC to defend moderate Democrats.

“It’s a huge problem.”

The latest sign of the backlash was the landslide (70%+) recall this week of three San Francisco school board members, who were criticized for prioritizing issues like the renaming of 44 public schools — including ones honoring George Washington and Abraham Lincoln — over a return to in-person classes.

Other factors like an abrupt admissions change to a prestigious high school were at play (all politics is local).

But the most liberal city in the most liberal state decided that liberal activists had gone too far.

Finally, the Dems are seeing the reality.

It’s too late for them now! The Dems should see this coming two years ago.


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