Russia-Ukraine: Russian Forces Seize Chernobyl!

Ukraine says ‘’multi-prolonged Russian invasion has plunged Europe into its ‘’darkest time’’ since the beginning of WWII.’’

Russia plans to ‘’decapitate’’ Ukraine’s government, US defense official stated.

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The US thinks that Russia’s invasion was created to decapitate Ukraine’s government, and one of the three principal axes of attack is directed at Kyiv.

“The indications we’ve seen thus far, in just these first, not even 12 hours, are in keeping with our assessment earlier, that would be his goal: to decapitate this government,” the official told reporters.

“What we’re seeing are initial phases of a large-scale invasion,” the official stated.

“We haven’t seen a conventional move like this, nation-state to nation-state, since World War II, certainly nothing on this size and scope and scale … It has every potential to be very bloody, very costly, and very impactful on European security writ large.”

Watch the video below.


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