Pfizer Child Death Toll: 16 Year Old Baseball Player Dies Days After C-19 Vax

Can you imagine the pain after a single parent loses his single child???

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Single father Ernest Ramirez has dedicated his time to raising his son, JR, and coaching a Little League baseball team. The two had a strong bond through baseball until 16-year-old JR dropped dead on the field from the Pfizer shot.

“I’ve been trying to open people’s eyes.,” Ramirez told Stew. “You don’t have to believe me, but listen, just think about it, and look at the child when you hear me or anyone else talking – you see your child there, and then all of a sudden, tomorrow, your baby is not there anymore. I don’t want to hear you come say, ‘I’m sorry I should have listened to you,’ no, I want you to think about it before you plan on doing this.”

He’s a living relic of the American Government’s abuse of its people, bringing suffer and terror upon its citizens.

“We’re up against a really big, propaganda pushing, psychological operation, and a lying, completely dishonest media,” Stew told Ramirez. “That’s who killed your son! Because, you didn’t know any better, because the T.V., the media, the dishonest media who’s paid – 70% of their budget comes from these people who killed your son – that’s who’s responsible for your son’s death.”

“The government took my son,” Ramirez told Stew. “They took my world, my son was my world – I felt like a millionaire with him – now I have nothing left.”


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