Papadopoulos Says Durham Has Damning Receipts and Nothing Can Stop Him Anymore

Noone could stand on Durham’s path anymore. Not in this phase of the “witch hunt” investigation.

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Durham’s probe has exposed that Clinton operatives hacked the communications of the Trump campaign, Trump Tower, and the Trump Whitehouse. George Papadopoulos, author of Deep State Target and a victim of the Russia Hoax joined the Stew Peters Show Wednesday to discuss the Clintons, the Durham investigation, and the FBI.

“What Durham revealed now to the American public is that the FBI was hand-in-parcel with the Clinton campaign in this operation,” George Papadopoulos told Stew Peters. “Now this – as you shared at the beginning of your show – was at the very least, illegal, at the worst, you’re bordering on treason at this point, where you’re intentionally spying – not only on a rival presidential campaign – but the Oval Office.”


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