Ottawa Police on Horseback Trample Freedom Protesters

The situation with the Freedom Trucker’s movement in Canada is only getting worse, and obviously, escalating to a form of physical violence from authorities.

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Images and video reports have reached the world. Luckily, the Internet is here to share the violence and inhuman behavior from authorities.

Check it for yourself.

“Police lines stood intimidatingly forcing protesters back. Some officers wore riot gear, some gas masks, most had pepper spray at the ready in their vests. Some held batons and some high powered rifles.

As police advanced, they arrested some of the protesters who resisted moving back. Once they had passed a vehicle in the protest, police ordered the occupants out of the vehicle and, if they refused, police smashed the windows and arrested the protesters.

Protesters throughout the day tried to convince police that the protest had remained peaceful throughout the nearly three weeks without any incidences of significance despite hundreds of thousands of protesters joining in.”


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