MSM Claims Queen Taking Ivermectin Reports Were FAKE NEWS!

We have reported that the Queen may be taking Ivermectin as a C-19 treatment.

These rumors came directly from the MSM, and now they claim it is fake news. They want to deny they have ever reported fake news.

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Fact-checkers at Reuters and the pro-Pfizer, MSM outlets tried to control the damage citing an editing error as the culprit behind the mistake.

No one would ever buy this! What does everyone think? Are they telling the truth?

This is what it was initially reported:


The AP reported:

AP’S ASSESSMENT: False An Australian news outlet included footage of ivermectin in a segment reporting on the queen’s infection, but later said it was a “human error” and that it did not intend to “suggest the Queen is using Ivermectin.”

THE FACTS: A TV news report on the queen’s recent COVID-19 diagnosis fueled an unfounded claim online that the 95-year-old monarch is taking the antiparasitic drug as a treatment.

The Guardian added:

The Nine Network has apologised after mistakenly suggesting the Queen was using the drug ivermectin after contracting Covid.

The error had already been boosted by anti-vax and anti-lockdown groups that support the use of ivermectin to treat Covid despite it being labelled “ineffective” by Australia’s chief medical officer.


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