Lou Dobbs is Back With a Serious Message for MAGA

Listen very carrefully. This is crucial!

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The latest announcement is that Kevin McCarthy is in some serious seat promotions. But don’t be fooled. He’s NOT on our side!

And he will never work for us and he will never fight for the America First agenda.

He’s too selfish and just “not into” the MAGA principles.

Here’s what BizPacReview has reported.

“One of those vehemently against the squishy California Republican’s ascendance to the powerful position is Lou Dobbs and the legendary commentator shared his views about the future of the GOP during a wide-ranging interview with Rep. Matt Gaetz.

Dobbs chatted with Gaetz on the latest edition of the Florida Republican’s “Firebrand” podcast where the two America First conservatives discussed topics including Pelosi’s sham 1/6 committee, President Joe Biden’s stunning abuses of power, the national debt and the direction of GOP leadership if Democrats are held accountable by voters in November.

Speaking of the current House Minority Leader and the idea that he could assume the speakership, Dobbs gave McCarthy a resounding thumbs down.

“It’s outrageous, he is too much of a, I’ll be kind, if not RINO, a middle-of-the-roader,” he said, “I personally believe him to be outright a RINO and the party needs strength, it needs vision, it needs energy, vibrancy and new blood in leadership, it’s that simple.”


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