If Biden and Garland Team Up – Durham’s Investigation Could Be Ending!

Ending without any promising results, if you know what I mean…

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The Durham investigation is REAL and LEGIT.

And people are offering to help out!

That’s why the Dem’s are freaked out!

Joe Biden holds an “ace” in this whole thing… and thanks to that ace card, he can protect his buddies, and there’s no doubt in most minds that he’ll play that card and keep all his friends safe.

The question is, will Biden and Garland team up and make life difficult for Durham?

“Horrible Republican leadership like McConnell won’t demand its release, and the media will cover for them.”

Garland will not allow it he’s knee-deep”

“They’ll never do it. There’s no media pressure, & Democrats have no principles. They are ruthless & will never give an inch…and the @GOPLeader @LeaderMcConnell @GOP are cowards & will never elevate Trump.”

“Could impeaching Biden change the game? The issue is less Biden, and more McConnell and McCarthy, to be honest. They don’t want it out either.”


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