Hunter Biden’s Ex GF Turns On Him Before Grand Jury

Hunter is once again in the center of attention. And if you’ve ever heard stories about him, you know that he’s in the center of “bad” attention.

Marriages and kids on each corner, drug and pornography, minors and a lot of overseas trillion-dollar businesses – and nothing good came out of it.

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Testifying at the federal courthouse in Wilmington, Delaware, Kestan, 28, said the 52-year-old son of President Joe Biden in 2018 repeatedly directed her to withdraw “thousands of dollars at a time” from ATMs, according to the New York Post, which cited a source familiar with the secret grand jury proceedings.

“From the ATM withdrawals, Kestan said, Hunter Biden gave her money for meals, clothes and more, but she testified she did not know where the money came from.”

Politico reported that “the same day that the investigation was open, it went beyond Biden’s taxes into potential money laundering and his overseas business activities.

A partial copy of a subpoena revealed JPMorgan Chase Bank being ordered to produce any records of Biden interacting with the Bank of China, the Post reported on Jan. 30.

Also subpoenaed were transactions involving James Biden, who is Hunter Biden’s uncle, along with former business partners Devon Archer and Eric Schwerin,” the report said.

While unable to say where Biden’s money came from, Zestan’s testimony revealed a high-flying lifestyle.

“Responding to questions about hotels at which the couple stayed, Zestan said they included the lavish Four Seasons, Mercer, SIXTY SoHo and SoHo Grand in New York and the Hollywood Roosevelt, NoMad and Jeremy West Hollywood in Los Angeles, the Post reported.
Zestan also said she stayed with Biden at the celebrity-oriented Chateau Marmont in LA for a month, according to the report. That hotel is where the president’s son said in his memoir that he learned how to cook crack cocaine,” the Post reported.

She reportedly testified that she believes she was the one who persuaded Biden to get off drugs and pursue a career as an artist.

What’s further really intriguing is the fact that despite all this evidence of a lavish lifestyle, Biden claimed he could not afford child support.

Once more, the circus surrounding the president’s son continues.

It’s news, to be sure. But one can only imagine the stir, scandal and news flashes we would be seeing if the individual being investigated had the surname “Trump.”


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