GA SOS Brad Raffensperger Hired To Manage Voter Rolls On The Cloud – Lawmakers Must Raise Their Voices And Resist This!

GA Secretary Of State Brad Raffensperger released the outsourcing of GA’s Voter Registration System to MTX Group will manage this implementation, and the new system is called the GA Registered Voter Information System (GRVIS.)

Salesforce represents a CRM vendor providing online software as a subscription service. It allows the firms to manage and track their customers, sales leads, and customer support tickets.

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Salesforce has helped the Democrat operatives like Democracy Works to track and register voters and claim that it’s nonpartisan.

MTX group hasn’t been in any election-type business. These groups are responsible for replacing ElectioNet, GA’s voter registration system.

The election integrity group VOTERGA shared a press release on this partnership. Garland Favorito and its volunteer investigators shared details on Salesforce, CEO Marc Benioff and MTX in the live press.

Benioff is a liberal activist and opponent of conservatism and Republicans. He is on the Board of Trustees for the Schwab’s World Economic Forum. It has an agenda provided by George Soros.

SOS Raffensperger stated: “County and local elections officials around the state have already been introduced to the new system and will be trained on it in the coming weeks and months.”

The public image should avoid any SOS from partnering with Benioff or Salesforce.

Salesforce and Benioff disparaged GA’s new election integrity laws SB202 and HB301.

Raffenspeger knew this and still collaborated with them. Garland Favorito from VoterGA stated: ‘’This makes no technical sense, and it makes no business sense. So then you have to start asking, what sense does it make. The only thing I can think that’s left is that the Georgia Secretary of State has been compromised…..It’s time for the Governor and Attorney General to step up. It’s time for the legislature to ban this”.

VoterGA reported: ‘’ MTX is a four-year-old India-based company, with no election experience. Their employee list shows one and only one employee in Georgia. After obtaining a no-bid contract in Texas to develop a contract tracing system, workers were found to have used their own personal computers and Email addresses on the project. That raised privacy concerns about data security and the project were criticized by a legislator for having “one fumble after another.”’’

The malware had infected and allowed the breach of their customers’ data, among which was credit card information. Later that data was found on the black market.

One person said this in the press conference: “I’ve read countless studies on cloud computing, either the Amazon platform or countless others, that it’s extraordinarily easy to hack. Anyone with a Sys Admin password or login can get into anybody else’s data that is on the shared server. Is this a ploy by the GA Secretary of State to allow easy access to manipulate voter files? “

GA election employees don’t know where the voter registration data resides, but it is somewhere in California.

Every piece of information must be accessed online.

GA election officials can’t walk up to the voter registration server, replace a hard drive, etc.



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