Eugenics Program: Down Syndrome, Christianity and a Medical Murder Story

What’s going on in hospitals and with medical personnel is horrible.

Either they’re going on a rampage as if they’ve received some evil shot or pill, or they’re becoming whistleblowers and opposers of that cruel lifeless regime. Costing their jobs and their financial resources for life…

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On Friday, the Stew Peters show was joined by Scott Schara, to reflect on and speak out against the disgusting treatment and ultimate eugenicist murder of his Downs Syndrome daughter Grace, who was 19 years old.

“Grace had COVID-19 and was in very bad condition. Scott and his wife transported Grace to the hospital where they believed she would be safe. Little did they know that the hospital they were admitting Grace into had already given her a death sentence without them even knowing.”

“Grace was put on a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) list, against her parents’ will, and was given what we call the death cocktail – Precedex, Lorazepam, and Morphine. Grace was in the hospital for 7 days before she was murdered and during those days there were 22 doctor reports written about her, and her Downs Syndrome was mentioned at least 36 times.”

Can;t say I’m shocked, but I’m pretty discussed from what they;re trying to represent before us as “the new normal”.


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