Dr. Peter McCullough at the CPAC Drops News About The Emergency Phase Of The Pandemic

The CPAC was indeed, one of the best bright events that occurred in this freshly started year.

Politicians, medical professionals and people with different opinions than what’s currently happening in our country ad the world have taken a place on the podium to express their different points of view.

One of them was Dr Peter McCullough.

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Dr. McCullough brought up the reality of natural immunity by way of previous infection, explaining how prior exposure fortifies one’s immune system for even the variants floating around.

“Once someone gets through the illness, that they have a degree of protection, a degree of immunity – natural immunity – that gives them robust and durable protection from serious outcomes of a second infection. Which can now occur with the Omicron variant which broke through natural immunity.”

“This is very important. How many of you in the room have been through COVID-19? Let’s see a show of hands…70%…you can be assured that you’re safe, you’re secure, you’re free to go about and live your life with no restrictions, with no mandates, with no encumbrances. For you, this pandemic is effectively over with. It’s over with.”

“And because there are so many of you, and so many of us who’ve been through the illness, the emergency phase of this pandemic is over with. It’s over with. The emergency is gone. The crisis is resolved. There will be some residual cases and skilled doctors will be able to handle these cases with now an array of effective therapeutics that we have at our disposal.”


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