CPAC Gives Democrat Standing Ovation for Exposing ‘Clinton Corruption’

Former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) was invited to address the annual event and her denunciation of failed 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton clearly resonated with the crowd.

And the CPAC definitely didn’t make a mistake inviting her.

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“She pleased the right-leaning crowd by saying that in an ideal world ‘our leaders would haul James Clapper before a judge to answer for his lies to Congress about how the government is collecting information,” the Daily Mail has reported.

“And they would support the Durham investigation and Clinton corruption in 2016… ,’ she said, not even finishing her sentence before there was raucous applause.

She went after both Democrats and Republicans in Congress ‘who talk a good game about civil liberties, but when it comes time to cast that vote on things like getting rid of secret FISA courts and protecting our fourth amendment rights to privacy, they vote on the side of the power elite and against liberty.”


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