CHEMTRAILS: The CFR Has Admitted!

It is true that there are a lot more airplanes circulating our skies, but one thing is also certain – the number of flights has been seriously reduced due to the COVID bans. And still, chemtrails can be seen in our sky from each country in the world!

Everyone is reporting on chemtrails.

And do you know that they are hazardous and official institutions are admitting to this fact?

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They are literally spraying heavy chemicals into the skies above us — into the air we breathe — and I have to believe if the majority of the people understood that and thought about it, there would be hell to pay.

And all the commercial airline pilots and crew couldn’t keep it a secret either, they say!

Watch the short video and then I’ll give my reaction:

And here’s a direct confession to the chemical ‘conspiracy theory’!


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