Capitol Police Attempted To Kill A J6 Viral Victim Who Was Pushed Off Second Story Ledge By Police Speaks Out! He Announced Lawsuit!

Derrick Vargo shared that Capitol Police tried to kill him. He is a Trump supporter seen in viral videos being thrown from the top of a high wall by a police officer on a J6 event.

“It was Attempted Murder. I am lucky to be alive, and now I am stepping forward to be the voice for those that they killed on January 6, like Ashli Babbitt, Rosanne Boyland, and the others who no longer have a voice.”

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Those dead are Kevin Greeson and Benjamin Philips. Evidence still emerges sharing that they were killed due to the action of Capitol Police. Scores of other Trump supporters were victims of extreme police brutality left almost dead, and they are documented on video. It also includes the crowds of peaceful protesters that day seen attacked by police with grenades before the first breach happened.

Derrick Vargo is the man seen thrown from the top of a wall on J6 by a violent Capitol Police Officer in a light blue helmet and has finally spoken.

Many people who have seen the video on Carlson’s documentary Patriot Purge think that Vargo was dead. Many simply didn’t care about his fate.

Unlike the MSM, TGP decided to investigate and probe into the story of a man who was possibly killed on J6.

They tracked Vargo down and spoke to him about his plans to sue Capitol Police.

He is one of the only Americans capable of holding them accountable for their actions on J6 and opening doors to answer for the rest of the Americans who want to know why police were so violent.

He was hesitant to speak about what he had survived on that day under the Biden regime. He decided to face the chances of arrest and detainment at DC Gitmo in exchange for being a possible conduit of the truth about what happened on J6.

“I want to announce that I am going to sue Capitol Police,” said Vargo. “I’m not here for any sort of money; the only reason I am suing is to hold Capitol Police and all police involved accountable. My big reason why I so badly want this to happen is I want an investigation, and I want it to happen now. I want to have text messages from all Capitol police and anyone that was on duty that day- their emails, social media…I want to know who was in buildings, possibly watching the whole thing…everyone in the surrounding area…big names in hotels… they should all be under investigation- not just the American people. All I care about is starting to put a crack into the wall of lies and shining some light onto January 6. I want to know who was responsible for giving orders that influenced that police officer to brutalize me.”

“Derrick Vargo was purposefully and maliciously pushed to his death by the Capitol Police on January 6, 2021,” said his civil attorney Joseph McBride. “It is a miracle that he did not die. The physiological and psychological injuries that Mr. Vargo suffered are substantial and life-altering. Suing the Capitol Police gives Mr. Vargo the ability to be made whole again while simultaneously holding the Capitol Police morally and legally accountable in a court of law.”

Vergo was silent for more than a year, and he realized he couldn’t remain silent and he had to share his experience.

“At first, I was a little scared, so I kept quiet for a while…but I can’t stand to watch what they are doing to America and entrapping people,” said Vargo. “They are investigating the people from January 6 in a witch hunt, but the ones who need to be investigated are them. Nancy Pelosi needs to be investigated. The DOJ, Biden, The Capitol Police, all of them. If my case can help open a real investigation into the Government, then I am willing to take the risk and move forward with a lawsuit.”

J6 Attorney Joseph McBrine stated that Vergo sues the Capitol Police for damages, and he would be privy to discovery and evidence that could shine a light on who was responsible for the brutality.


On J6, Vargo is on many videos, taken away on a makeshift stretcher made of a steel gate, unconscious.

“I was walking to the Capitol, and it was really peaceful,” said Vargo as he carefully recollected the day before his fall. “I bought a Trump flag from a vendor on the street on the way to the Capitol for like twenty twenty-five bucks. When I walked up there to the Capitol with everybody else, I start noticing, you know, they (the police) started throwing these stray pepper grenades and the gates are gone, and I was just kinda lookin’ around like what’s going on…and I walk up there, and one of the guys had climbed up a white about three or four-story makeshift building, and he was waving the American flag, and I was like ‘wowwweee, I thought that was awesome. So I had my Trump flag and decided I wanted to go up the side of the steps. I didn’t want to get in any confrontation, ‘cuz just wanted to wave my Trump flag as the guy did with the American flag…that was very inspiring.”

Later he was moved by the American flag and tried to climb the wall to wave his Trump flag in tandem.

“I was psyched,” he said. “I thought it was pretty harmless.”

“I remember they sprayed me with pepper spray, and I was like, ‘ok, I want to wave my Trump flag. I don’t wanna die; this isn’t worth it. Let me turn around and climb back down,” said Vargo. “That’s when I saw two big hands reach towards me and forcefully and intentionally shove me off the wall. He shoved me hard. I remember the fall and thinking on the way down, ‘this is it- I’m gonna die. Then I blacked out. The only reason I am alive today is because of God. There is no other reason.”

His fall was recorded on many videos and sparked outrage amongst his fellow supports. The police have thrown him from the wall.

“As retired Sergeant with the NYPD, I can unequivocally state that what I saw in the video clip of Derrick Vargo is NOT proper Police procedure. At the very least, it is assault, and the officer-involved should be held responsible.”

“I was there on January 6. There was nothing normal about police behavior that day. I question whose authority Capitol Police were acting under. The safety of the protesters didn’t seem to be a top priority to the point where it seemed police there were actually agitating rally-goers.”

“They f-ing pushed him!” was the pure reaction of one witness. “A guy was climbing up the stairs trying to exit back down, and a cop in blue and black pushed him with both hands,” said another.

“Vargo was defenseless,” said Tina Ryan, an advocate with Citizens Against Political Persecution. “The officer had no right to throw him from the wall, knowing he could have easily been killed. He should have simply pulled him over the wall and then handcuffed him. You don’t try to kill someone for disorderly conduct. If someone is caught shoplifting, that doesn’t mean a police officer can shoot them. It is the same scenario here.”

“If this was a protester on the left that was thrown by police from a wall, then the entire left would be in an uproar,” continued Ryan. “The cop would somehow be called a white supremacist, and his face would be all over CNN or MSNBC. The double standard is ridiculous.”

“Police officers receive substantial training regarding their community caretaking function and the importance of relying on their training in every situation,” said January 6th Attorney Joe McBride of McBride Law. “Part of their training involves balancing the needs of public and/or officer safety against the free exercise of an individual’s constitutional rights during intense situations. What we saw happen to Mr. Vargo on January 6 is the anthesis of protecting and serving the public. It was instead a malicious attack on a defenseless citizen intended to cause serious injury or death.’’

“I remember waking up a little in the ambulance and hearing over the radio that they had a woman who had “sucking chest wounds” coming in,” said Vargo. “I realized later they were talking about Ashli Babbitt and understand how lucky I am to be alive. She was killed by Capitol Police, and now it is up to me to fight for her because she isn’t here to fight for herself.”

“I wish Derrick luck suing Capitol police,” said Micki Witthoeft, the mother of Ashli Babbitt. “It was terrible what they did to him. I am glad he made it out alive. I think it is time to do away with the Capitol Police. They should be abolished. Do they operate with impunity so they can kill people at will? So they can behave badly? I hope Derrick is successful, and they have to answer for Ashli’s murder, the other murders, and all the other victims of extremely excessive use of force.”

“The Feds came to my room at the hospital on January 6, shortly after my x-ray exams,” said Vargo. “I believe they said they were Secret Service. They saw me lying there, and the first thing they asked me was, “Did you make it in the Capitol?”

“They then told me ‘that’s all we need to know, and left,” said Vargo. “They didn’t ask me what happened to me, how I fell, who did it. They didn’t care. All they cared about was that question.”

“This is obviously a ridiculous question the Feds asked Vargo, as he was maced and then thrown off a wall at 1:45 pm by that Capitol Police officer, then taken from the grounds looking dead on a stretcher. The first breach (or the “allowed break-in” is what I like to call it) wasn’t until approximately 2:10 pm,” said Gary McBride, a J6 video analyst from M5News. “So it was physically impossible that he ‘made it in.”

“I don’t watch the TV, the news, none of that,” said Vargo. “I choose to keep away from it. It is a toxic poison, and I don’t want to be a part of it. That is why it is so hard for me to do this. But I have no choice. The Government can’t keep getting away with no accountability for what happened on January 6. If I can create even a small crack or chink in the armor wall l that they have created around their evil January 6 narrative, then it is worth it.”

“We on the right need to start going on the offense; we spend too much time on defense,” said John Tabacco, Newsmax Host, and J6 Advocate. “Derrick is a courageous young man, and I applaud him for coming forward and pushing a civil case. This will only help the rest of us who still are being judged and shamed for being Trump supporters or being at January 6.”

“This is an obvious case of police misconduct at best and manslaughter/attempted murder at worst,” said Tina Ryan of Citizens Against Political Persecution.

“We truly think if Derrick Vargo sues Capitol Police for misconduct, his case will open a treasure trove of discovery regarding January 6. Derrick knows the risks- if he comes forward, Merrick Garland’s Department of Injustice may retaliate and arrest him for silencing him. He is choosing to come forward regardless because he feels he can help so many fellow Americans suffering because of the lies told to us about January 6. The men in DC Gitmo, the four Trump supporters who were killed that day, the countless others who were injured or maimed…it is so important we support Derrick and make sure he has a defense fund set up just in case he is persecuted by the Biden Regime. Plus, we have to make sure the Government knows that the people have his back and hold them accountable.”

“I still have nightmares about the fall. I wake myself up before I hit the ground. I don’t want to be a victim. I want to fight for the other victims that day. I love my country and fellow Americans. I think we can still save America, that we still have a chance. I won’t give up or stop fighting.”


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