Bonds For The Win: Movement Weaponized Bonds To Punish LGBTQ & Vaxx Shills

Do you want to hear a real solution for the evil child abuse with vax mandates and masks within schools?

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Our witty and brilliant host Stew Peters has come up with a fascinating idea.

And to that point, last Thursday, he hosted Mikki Klann on his show to discuss the importance of knowing your legal rights when it comes to the education of your children.

“Each of these public elected officials carries a bond, which means they’re personally liable because they watch over we the people,” Klann told Stew. “We’ve given them a tremendous amount of responsibility with our children. So, what we’ve is we’ve seen parents step up in front of their school boards, declaring and decreeing that ‘I will file a claim against your surety bond, if you do not stop these mask mandates, and stop this agenda of vaccines’.”

“This tactic of taking back power is the most effective as well because these school boards know how much these bonds can affect them.”

Stew gave out a step-by-step tutorial on how you as a parent can also take back your school.

“It’s all laid out at, this is a step-by-step instructional, for everybody that can do this,” Stew told Mikki. “If you can read, and print, and write, you can do this and affect huge and immediate change in your school district and fight for your kids.”

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