BOMBSHELL: The CDC Confessed They Withheld Data About C-19 Vaccine Ineffectiveness

We all know that vaccines are useless! Everyone can see that from the latest development.

But, that’s not all! We know that the vaccines can’t stop the virus from spreading, protect you from contracting it, and help prevent death! Why should someone get a useless vaccine?

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On top of everything else, you know that the vaccines, besides their ineffectiveness, are harmful.

Yes, they are harmful, and the risks outweigh the benefits! Many people who got the vaccine faced terrible side effects, including myocarditis, pericarditis, stroke, heart attacks, death, paralyze, and many other severe conditions.

And now, we have proof that the CDC shared they withheld data about the vaccine’s ineffectiveness, and they still promoted it.

Watch the video below:


Banned Video

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