Alyssa Milano Shared 2-Word Tweet Telling She Regrets Her Vote For Joe Biden!

Alyssa Milano is the ‘’Chelsea Clinton’’ of tweets.

Chelsea Clinton is famous for sharing mass on social media, trying to slam people, but it backfires in her face.

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She gets her facts wrong, saying some of the dumbest stuff imaginable.

Can you remember the time when she hoped that a photo of Abe Lincoln in a MAGA hat was photoshopped?

Chelsea Clinton flips out over Trump hat on Lincoln | Radio Active

She is the person that should not be on the internet and allow other people to fight! Alyssa Milano is the same.

She wants to appear relevant, smart, and clever, and she flops and fails every time.

Precisely that is what she did right now, with her two-word tweet. We can’t see if she’s supporting Biden or criticizing.

One thing we can all agree is that the tweet is stupid, and she attempts to rally the troops for flailing old Biden, and she failed miserably.

This is the tweet:

This is what people commented:

“Good point. What happened post Biden’s election? Inflation exploded, oil and energy prices went haywire, the border exploded with new aliens arriving and no checks and balances, and now we have a war in Eu and Taiwan’s days are numbered. You’re a joke.”

“I don’t think this tweet is turning out how you thought it would, lady lol” 

As we’ve seen with the complete and utter failure of your boy Joe.” 

“Exactly right Democrats are responsible for the complete hellscape our world is in right now”

“Yes they do Alyssa, and after looking at this mess, I am very proud that I voted for Bernie Sanders” 

“You’re not making the point you think you’re making.”

“She regrets her vote, everyone lol” 

“Are you now regretting your vote? This tweet is confusing.” 

“Yes they do and you have blood, lots of it on your hands”

“So true. When we elect feckless, incompetent and ineffective leaders the world goes to war.”

“I can’t tell is Alyssa Milano pissed at those 81 million people or happy about it?” 

Because the tweet was confusing, and she is much less political than she used to be when she had Stage 5 TDS.

We can surely say whether she is in Team Biden. Maybe she is a Tucker-hater, but we can’t be surprised by that.

She wants to say that she regrets voting for Biden and criticizes him. However, that doesn’t mean she will have Trump rather than Biden.

We can see that no one is enthusiastic about Biden.


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