ALERT: Doctors Murder Father And Embalm To Destroy Evidence

This horrible deed is like a horror movie script, but it’s a true event from our daily lives and the miserable conditions we are facing in hospitals.

COVID has become a tool and an excuse for ‘legally’ killing people.

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Micky Bishop is left traumatized and disappointed in America for life. He joined the Stew Peters Show to tell the story of how a hospital, with the help of police presence, ultimately euthanized his father.

The story was short yet terrifying.

“Bishop’s father went into the hospital with complications due to COVID. Immediately, doctors prompted him to get on a ventilator and dosed with Remdesivir without a real reason. Within two days, his kidneys started to shut down along with severe heart complications.”

“You know, when you go to actually try to help your dad – or any family member for that matter – and you’re actually escorted out of the hospital without any kind of explanation until they actually kick you completely out of the building – and then they give you a short answer to actually what’s going on,” Bishop told Stew.

Bishop then stated that he was forced out of the hospital with the threat of being arrested.

“So you had to go away or you’d be arrested,” Stew told Bishop. “You had to leave your dad who was being filled with a renal failure causing drug, known to kill people, that didn’t even make it through an Ebola trial in Africa because it killed virtually everybody who took it – and on a ventilator, on life support when he didn’t need it.”

He had no other choice but to leave the hospital for the day, and he never again saw his father, who passed away the same afternoon.


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