A Democrat Wins The Title Of “Dumbest Tweet Ever Written”

The sad news that stroke the world yesterday was the bombing of Kyiv, Ukraine by the Russian military.

And one really “limited” Democrat that wanted to comment on the things from his perspective managed to spit on Ukraine’s misery and totally take the situation out of context.

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The tweet’s author is Dana Houle, and she set the internet on fire for all the wrong reasons.

As you likely know, Russia is in the process of invading Ukraine, and bombs are flying everywhere…

So, what does Dem Dana decide to talk about while people are huddled in buildings trying to avoid being killed by a missile?

Well, their vaccination status, of course…

And normally, she got shredded from all corners!

Here is just a really small portion of the comments, since they’re still coming!

“Here it is, ladies and gentlemen … the dumbest tweet in the history of Twitter.”

“What the hell is wrong with you, lady? “

“Terrible people, instead of staying outside and dying because of a bomb, they are crowding inside risking a probable sore throat”

“chance of dying from covid: .001% chance of dying from a nuclear missile to the chest: 100%”

“This is the most idiotic take on Twitter dot com in 2022 so far.”

“They should probably stand outside and get hit by the bombs. That way they’ll be more socially distanced.”

“This is actually a real tweet…not satire. I can’t even with these people anymore.”

“A 99.97% recovery rate disease is probably the last thing ppl are being bombed are concerned about. Woke ppl are disgusting.”

“Dear lord shut the f**k up.”

“Hey Dana, guess what kilks you faster than Omicron? Shrapnel. Shrapnel will kill you faster than Omicron. You people are absolutely clueless.”

“Ah, yes, Democrat priorities. Looney.”

“People getting bombed and your dumbass is bothered about vaccination rates.”

“Pretty sure people literally being bombed DGAF about a virus right now. Thanks for showing us your gross privilege, Dana.”

“Possibly the most moronic tweet in the history of Twitter.”

“Sigh. Never mind the missiles, rockets, bombs, and bullets. COVID is the REAL danger to the Ukrainian people. CLOWN”

“I’m no doctor but I’m pretty sure the case fatality rate of covid — especially omicron — is a lot lower than the case fatality rate of taking a missile to the head so I think they’re probably making the right call.”

“Will the missiles be masked?”

“It’s real folks… I’ve seen a lot of shit in my time but wow… the levels of stupid never cease to amaze me”

“Conversation overheard in a Ukrainian bomb shelter: “These bombs are terrible, aren’t they?” “They are indeed. But I’m one of the lucky ones who’s been fully vaccinated and boosted. I hate to think how bad things would be for me right now if I’d not had the vaccine.”


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