Where Is Fauci?! From Big Media Obsession To Obscurity

Mask mandates are being lifted and Fauci is nowhere to be found?

He has to be hiding somewhere deep, hurt by his own ego.

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From the moment COVID-19 was announced and it started to spread throughout the world, in America, one person stood up and faced the pandemic head-on – Dr. Anthony Fauci.

What followed in the two-ear long saga made him one of the highest-paid government employees in history.

It appeared while Americans struggled, Fauci flourished.

But now, he vanished in thin air, out of nowhere.

While some news outlets are entangled with the tensions between Russia and Ukraine, on Fox News, host Will Cain sought to find the doctor leading the fight against COVID-19.

Although some might believe that the Russian invasion is the reason, Cain noted that members within the Biden administration advised the President to declare victory over COVID-19 and “move on.” In the video above, it appears President Biden did just that, as Fauci’s stardom is fading fast.

What’s your first impression on Fauci and the wildest guess on where he’s at, and why he isn’t in the focus at the time (aside from the no.1 question of the Ukraine war)?



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