Vernon Jones Reveals The Plan That Will Make Trump President Before 2024

If anyone in history tries to say that Biden had a really rough Presidency start. He won’t be far from the truth. But once again, he will be completely wrong at the same time.


Because Biden hasn’t had a single moment of praise throughout his entire Presidency to this day!

And no, it’s not a twist of faith, nor due to unfortunate events.

Simply – he sucks.

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That’s why he’s losing trust.

That’s why more and more people are praying each day that President Trump returns to the Oval Office.

And US House candidate Vernon Jones has revealed a plan to make Donald Trump President as early as next year.

“Anyone can be named Speaker of the House.

You don’t even have to be a member of Congress.

The plan goes as follows.

Step 1: Republicans win back the House and Senate.

Step 2: Republicans name President Trump Speaker of the House.

Step 3: Republicans impeach, convict, and remove Biden and Kamala Harris from office.

Step 4: The Speaker of the House (Donald Trump) becomes president.”


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