Ukrainian Parliament Member Said They Will Fight For Ukraine And For The New World Order! [WATCH]

Ukrainian parliament member Kira Rudik was on Fox News on Sunday and shared an update about the Kyiv crisis with the Russian forces.

In the interview, she explained the Ukrainians’ efforts to defend their country from Russia, emphasizing how many civilians have taken up arms and are standing at the ready! She is among those people, too.

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Ukrainians are ready to fight for their country. There’s something else that they are fighting for, ‘’the New World Order.’’

She stated:

“I’m not surprised. We have been fighting Putin for the last 8 years and we had three other revolutions in our country when we did not agree with what was going on with the direction we were moving in.

But right now it’s a critical time because we know that we not only fight for Ukraine, [but] we fight for this New World Order for the democratic countries. We [know] that we are the shield for the Euro. We [know] that we are protecting not only Ukraine, [but] we are protecting like all the other countries that would be next if we failed. That’s why we just cannot fail.”



Here’s the full interview.

Biden has used Ukraine as a hub to run their corrupt dealings through, and we can’t be surprised to see Ukraine’s elected officials pledging their allegiance to leftist democracy by using words like the New World Order.


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