Ukraine Official Explains What Her Country is Fighting For

A member of the Ukrainian Parliament stepped forth with a narrative of what she believes that her country is standing to fight for, not giving up according to the prepositions given earlier by Russian President Putin.

You’re not going to believe it. Not until you see her saying it loud and clear.

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When asked about the people of Ukraine who are rising up to fight against the Russians, the MP said the people of Ukraine are ready to battle.

And what exactly are they battling for?

Well, according to this woman, the country is fighting for the “New World Order.”

Here are some of the comments made on this post:

Sorry, I’m out everyone. Between this and Soros, I’m officially on team IDGAF”

“Of course they’re fighting for the NWO, Ukraine is a Dem stronghold. Duh, everyone”

“This says it all right here.”

“Okay, well now all the propaganda makes perfect sense lol”

“This is all I had to hear. I’m done tweeting about this sh*t”

“I have said all along, you don’t have to be “Team Putin,” but you also shouldn’t be “Team Globalist.” Just shut up and sit this one out”

I guess this would explain why George Soros is fighting so hard for Ukraine right now.


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