Ukraine Invaded By A Second Country!

Ukrainian officials stated that their country had been invaded by a second country, their northern neighbor of Belarus. This country has been a strong ally to Russia, and they have joined their forces against Ukraine.

The invasion has been announced on social media by Ukraine accounts (official).

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“Belarusian troops have entered Chernihiv region. The information was confirmed to the public by Vitaliy Kyrylov, spokesman for the North Territorial Defense Forces. More details later,” Ukraine’s parliament tweeter, according to Politico.

Ukraine’s embassy in Belarus shared one post from the nation’s Centre for Strategic Communications and Information Security this Sunday, stating: “Intelligence data confirm the presence of 150 transport helicopters, a large number of Russian troops with several hundred vehicles in several regions of the Republic of Belarus. We urge the international community not to forget that 🇷🇺is not the only one waging war against UA.”

Latvian Defense Minister Artis Pabriks stated that the Belarusian military had entered Ukraine.

“This basically means we have two aggressives at this moment officially,” he stated according to Mirror.

“I am very much concerned that Russian troops, following orders from the top, will go into the mode similar to that President Assad was using against his population,” Pabriks said, referring to Syria’s Bashar al-Assad.
Alexander Lukashenko, the Belarusian President, stated that his nation hadn’t invaded Ukraine. But, on Tuesday, he stated that Belarus was deploying additional troops on its border with Ukraine.

“Those are well-trained rapid deployment groups which are ready to stop any provocation and any military action against Belarus,” Lukashenko said.

Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya opposed Lukashenko in the 2020 presidential campaign, and she said that he had “made our country a participant in the invasion of Ukraine. So I declared myself as the national leader of Belarus to protect the sovereignty & independence of our country, represent it in security negotiations & crisis management in the region.”

She tweeted:

CNN report stated that active participation from Belarus would represent a half-step beyond the support offered by Belarus, which has joined Russia.

The report pointed out that a massive convoy of military headed towards Kyiv and had roots in Belarus.

“The sheer length of the convoy is massive and speaks to the amount of the military power the Russians have amassed to try and take Kyiv,” CNN reported.

“It also speaks to Belarus’ activity in supporting and carrying the invasion — and responsibility for it. That military power could not have been amassed by the Russians without the permission, and assistance, of Belarus,” the report said.

This has been expected, the Washington Post reported.

“It’s very clear Minsk is now an extension of the Kremlin,” the report stated.

“Russia is being pushed towards a third world war. We should be very reserved and steer clear of it. Because nuclear war is the end of everything,” Lukashenko stated.


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