Tulsi Gabbard is Worried Biden Will “Accidentally” Get Us Into WW3

The situation in Ukraine is bowling and Biden is trying if the fire can go up.

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Democrat Tulsi Gabbard joined Tucker Carlson to discuss this train wreck and pointed out Biden’s number one problem that could take this Russia/Ukraine conflict from zero to one hundred in no time flat.

She seems to be really on the ground and her latest appearance at the CPAC only sparkled more admiration among Republicans and neutrals, seeing one Democrat that’s entirely sane.

Tulsi points out that Biden’s bumbling foreign policy could cause one misstep that could put us into World War III before we even know what hit us.

“The policy “leaves vague exactly how the United States would react”, explained The New York Times, and many experts think it is now time for more clarity,” newspaper The Week agreed.

What’s your opinion regarding this situation?


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