Trump With A Response To Gableman Development!

Special Counsel Michael Gableman asked to decertify the 2020 election in Wisconsin.

It has been the ground for a few severe election discrepancies, including 83,000 ballots that vanished under suspicious circumstances and more than 200,000 voters removed from the rolls.

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Wisconsin is the ground zero for election fraud because the evidence of potential fraud is growing in the state.

It’s the first state to be decertified.

Trump’s response to Gableman’s developments:

CBS News reported:

Gableman’s report dredged up many of the arguments that conservatives made about the 2020 election. It largely focused on grants that the Center for Tech and Civic Life made to five large cities and revisited how voting was conducted in nursing homes.

The decertification suggestion was met by swift criticism from members of both parties. Republican Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steineke shot it down, saying it is “still not legal under Wisconsin law.”

Politico added:

Nevertheless, Gableman alleged a partisan conspiracy from CTCL to boost Democrats, dismissing the grants elsewhere as “insubstantial.” Federal and state courts have previously rejected lawsuits challenging the legality of the grants.

Gableman’s report argues that the Legislature could “decertify the certified electors in the 2020 presidential election” by the state Legislature first voting to conclude that the election was held in violation of state law, then claiming that “the level that fraud or other illegality under Wisconsin law could have affected the outcome,” and then exercising “its plenary power to designate the slate of electors it thought best accorded with the outcome of the election.”


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