This Is What You Don’t Know And What The MSM Doesn’t Tell You!

We have to wait for some comments to believe what is happening between Russia and Ukraine. I had to see what the comments would be a how the people would react.

We have been flooded with questions about family, friends, reads asking what’s happening, etc.

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Of course, we don’t trust the MSM narratives. Almost 75% of you will agree with me. They only say that Putin is invading; he will start a war. But Putin didn’t say a thing.

It was a war declared by the Media; I guess they were the ones who loved the war.

Biden is closely related to the MSM, and that’s another reason why you shouldn’t believe this propaganda.

We won’t report on what Putin has said, and we won’t say that he is a great guy, but we won’t know the same things the MSM are saying.

I think that neither side are the good guys. However, we have one enemy, that’s the globalist banker elites.

Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, George Soros.

These are the bad guys.

Check this out:

These people are making millions from the energy companies in Ukraine.

But, the real question is, what are the odds that the whole recorded phone call that led to Trump’s impeachment was with…?

The President of Ukraine.

One hundred ninety-five countries in the world, and everything points to Ukraine. Also, do you know that

Zelensky represents a professional actor who turned out to be the President?

This girl said it all!


Then we have Wendy Rogers:

Bear in mind that online, there are a lot of fake photos, videos, and fake stories.

Check this out:

And another footage is from a 2017 documentary:

And more.


Currently, we are at a decisive point in history, a point of a critical mass of people who have woken up and can’t believe the propaganda they pushed on us for decades.


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