There Are 2 MAJOR Issues With This “Biden Writing On Notepad” Photo

It’s fake and scened, but 2 other aspects are crucial.

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He’s not doing any work. We know that. It’s hard enough for him to get out of bed, put a suit on a pretend to be well and aware. Just posing is a burden for him, not to mention doing some actual work.

One of the first things you’d notice in these photos is the fact that there’s nothing written on the notes.

The second one – where is he? Since this is definitely not the Oval Office – the place where international calls usually take place!

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Zoom in on note pad. It’s blank”

“My God, couldn’t he have written his ABC’s at least?”

“Biden with a blank pad pretending that he has a clue about what’s going on.”

“our pen is broken, just like your mind.”


“Why is Biden pretending to write on an empty pad of paper?”

“He’s writing down his blank thoughts… “

“Hard at work pretending to write stuff”

“This may be an unimportant question, but where is this? Why isn’t he in the Oval Office?”

“Taking lots of notes in fantasy land.”

“Bro got 4 phones on his desk and nothing written on the paper”

“Is there something radioactive in the Oval Office? A wild boar? What is going on?”

“That paper is as empty as his head.”

“Is this a fake office set, just like that fake White House set he uses?”

“Why can’t anything just be normal with these weirdos?”

“There are probably studio lights and microphones where the roof should be. More sets.”

“Okay, the blank paper is weird, but the never-before-seen “office” is really bizarre”

“I feel like this is an office just outside his doctor’s examination room”

“It’s cute how they let Joe play president, isn’t it?”

This is the stuff that adds to the speculation and skepticism of Joe’s “presidency.”


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