The “Ukraine War” Video Broadcast On The News Has “Star Wars” Footage Included

There has been so much propaganda lately. And I’m not saying that the war is fake – when we clearly realize it isn’t.

But many footages have appeared online that are exaggerating the events, and faking images and videos to pour fear among the citizens.

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This video that I’m presenting in this article is definitely one of them.

This one comes from channel 13 news in Israel.

They were airing supposed Ukraine war footage, and discussing what was going on with Russia and Ukraine, when suddenly, in their “war clip” we see Storm Troopers.

Here’s the video. The “Star Wars” stuff starts around the 8-second mark.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Just Israeli news showing storm troopers fighting in the #RussiaUkraineConflict. Nothing to worry about. It’s the truth.”

“You literally can’t trust ANYTHING you see…Thanks, media.”

“Is this really a war or are we all being punked right now?”

“In Media We Trust”

“These people do little to no research on what they report. They aren’t reporters they are broadcasters.”

“How can you trust the MSM when they are LITERALLY using “footage” of a crashed tie fighter”

“I’m waiting to get R2-D2’s take on this whole war…”

“Don’t mind the Tie-Fighter, Ukraine got that from the Dark Side”

“Nothing to see here, just the news using Star Wars footage to report on the Russia-Ukraine war.”

“My God, what the hell is happening to this world?”

“Honestly, I trust Star Wars more than I trust the US or any government”

“News organizations are a joke now.”


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