The Q Team Is EXPOSED! Trump, Devin Nunes, Dan Scavino, And Kash Patel! [WATCH]

We are the enemies of Big Tech, Big Money, and Big Media!

Now, we’re about to expose the enemy’s lies! Any support that we can receive is appreciated.

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The big fighters are in this together!

Trump, Devin Nunes, Dan Scavino, and Kash Patel are members of the Team.

Q’s operation is starting from military backchannel to center stage on truth Social!

Everything is SET! Deep State pedophiles will be exposed!

You can expect indictments, arrests, and prosecutions. Q told us to prepare for the storm. The Deep State Cabal doesn’t have an escape. There will be no deals!

Trump caught the swamp. Those who have committed treason and sedition against the US will end up behind bars.

The Justice is coming.

Watch the video below and hear the latest details.

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Before It’s News Rumble

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