The Cover Up Of Pfizer & FDA Jab Death Data, Big Media ‘Accomplices To Murder’

Back in the 90s, Nami wolf used her writing ability to launch her political career.

Her book The Beauty Myth became such a big-boom, many claim that this is what started off the massive voice of feminism in America.

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At the same time, Wolf lent her talents as a political advisor to both Bill Clinton and Al Gore.

To this day, as she continues to write and “swim the political waters”, Wolf, like most, eventually questioned the narrative surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

And similar to the story with President Trump, her constant questions and search for the truth led her to be de-platformed for supposedly spreading misinformation.

But while the censorship hasn’t stopped Wolf from expressing her opinion, recently, she spoke with Edward Dowd on the drastic shift in the COVID-19 narrative.

Take a look:


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