The Binary Weapon Plot Is Clear! mRNA Spike Protein Shots Suppress DNA Repair, After The Global Nuclear Events That Unleash DNA-Damaging Radiation!

It’s really obvious what’s the next phase for achieving global depopulation. The bioweapon phase has reached a level of morbid success in the eyes of the globalists, killing 1-2 billion people in the next ten years once the spike protein starts damaging.

However, that’s now enough for the evil entities to control the world; they want a 90% total reduction of the human population.

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Everyone can see their plan now. The spike protein mRNA shots cause 90% suppression of the DNA repair mechanism known as NHEJ.

It represents a cellular mechanism that exists in human cells, animals, and plants to keep genetic integrity. It’s crucial for life.

The NHEJ mechanism allowed us to repair the Double-Strand Breaks in the chromosomes when we are subjected to ionizing radiation. Sources of ionizing radiation include sunlight exposure, commercial jet flights, and mammograms.

When the NHEJ engine works normally, chromosomes damaged by ionizing radiation are repaired, and they won’t become cancer tumors. But, when NHEJ is suppressed, the body can’t repair the damage, so micro tumors start growing.

Take a look at the following chart.

In the study conclusion, the author wrote: “We found that the spike protein markedly inhibited both BRCA1 and 53BP1 foci formation (Figure 3D–G). Together, these data show that the SARS–CoV–2 full–length spike protein inhibits DNA damage repair by hindering DNA repair protein recruitment.”

The micro tumors are toxic in the blood environment of the average vitamin D deficient person, so they will grow into large tumors. They can be fatal.

Five billion people now injected with mRNA gene therapy can be easily killed with low levels of ionizing radiation from ANY source.

Currently, worldwide there are five billion people who got the shot, and the vaccine substances suppress their DNA repair mechanism. So, the globalists will achieve to kill five billion people.

Their goal can be achieved in a couple of different ways:

“Unleashing a new nuclear “accident” in Ukraine or anywhere else.

Setting off a nuclear bomb anywhere in the Northern hemisphere, including doing so as a false flag event to blame Russia.

Detonating a dirty bomb anywhere in the Northern hemisphere, potentially as an act of nuclear terrorism.”
Ionizing radiation is shared and spreads through the winds. Different radioisotopes can be released, including iodine-131, cesium-137, strontium-90, plutonium-241, and others.

No one can escape the radiation.

When mRNA vaccinated people are exposed to low levels of ionizing radiation, they will immediately start growing a swarm of new micro tumors across their entire body.

A normal person can repair ionizing radiation damage if the exposure is spread out over time. But mRNA vaccinated people have lost 90% of their repairability, so the mRNA vaccinated people face a 2000% increase in cancer rates.

Low-level ionizing radiation can be devastating to the people who took the shots. They will lose genetic integrity, with tissues and organs mutating into non-functioning tries at blood vessels and protein strands.

So they will turn against them and will result in catastrophe. The worst thing is that the deaths would be classified as cancer deaths, not vaccine deaths.

It’s the same as if a nuclear bomb could be blamed on Russia, then Putin could be the scapegoat for the global cancer deaths and the near-extermination of humanity.

According to Natural News, “that’s fairly simple for the deep state since Russian-made nuclear materials were smuggled out of Ukraine during the fall of the USSR in 1991, and western intelligence sources got their hands on Russian nuclear material during the chaos.

This means the globalist “deep state” has Russian nukes on hand and can set them off anywhere they want, then blame Russia for the heinous act. The obedient propaganda media of the west will gladly go along with the lie.”

It is obvious that America and NATO are trying to drive the world into a nuclear war!

The world is run by a suicide cult of demonic lunatics who seek the total destruction of the human race.

We have stated before; it’s evident the attacks on humanity have been planned to happen in many vectors: Economic, biological, radiological, psychological, etc.

Approximately 63% of the world’s population got the vaccine worldwide, and 100% would be exposed to ionizing radiation as nuclear detonations can be achieved by the globalists. 100% of the population will experience famine, starvation, fiat currency collapse, and insane fuel prices because of the economic war that has been unleashed.

Be prepared to survive a nuclear war!

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