Straw Poll For 2024 GOP Nomination Sees Only Two Possible Candidates With Any Real Support

The Americans have lost trust in the Dems in less than a year in governance.

And the people’s choice for the next leader has once again come down to the Republicans.

And a very narrow choice, since many traitors in their lines have also been discovered, working either for their own selfish benefit or the Democrats.

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“The results of an anonymous online straw poll that were revealed at CPAC showed former President Donald Trump as being the clear favourite as the 2024 GOP candidate for the White House,” numerous reports have confirmed.

“During this year’s anonymous straw poll at CPAC in Orlando, Trump managed to snag 59% of the votes with respect to him being sought as the person to represent the Republican party for the 2024 bid for the presidency.

Between the two CPACs that were held in 2021 where the same poll was conducted, Trump had garnered 55% in the Orlando 2021 event and 70% in the Dallas 2021 event.”

The only other person to get more than 2% of the votes among the 19 names listed on the straw poll was Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who garnered 28% of the votes during this year’s CPAC in Orlando – showing an uptick in support from the 21% he had last year.

The runner-up in the Trump-free polling question saw former CIA Director Mike Pompeo with 6.3% of the vote, with Donald Trump, Jr. in third with 5.9% and Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul both tying with 3.3% of the vote.

“It’s hardly a surprise to see Trump top the CPAC poll as the preferred candidate for the White House bid in 2024, as he is still fervently sought for his endorsement by those aspiring to various elected offices.

One such individual who is gunning for Trump’s endorsement is the Republican gubernatorial candidate for Pennsylvania Dave White, who boasted about a private sit down he was slated to have with Trump at CPAC.

“I’m looking forward to meeting the president. He has done great things for the United States. He put America first, similar to what I’m trying to do in Pennsylvania, putting Pennsylvania first, getting people back to work, getting good jobs.”


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