Russians Switched Off Networks At Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant! UN

Russians switched off mobile networks and the internet at Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine.
In a statement, IAEA’s chief, Rafael Mariano Grossi, added that it meant that “reliable information from the site cannot be obtained through the normal channels of communication.”

“The deteriorating situation regarding vital communications between the regulator and the Zaporizhzhia [nuclear plant] is also a source of deep concern, especially during an armed conflict that may jeopardize the country’s nuclear facilities at any time,” his statement added.

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A couple of days ago, some fighting was reported around that plant. It’s one of the largest power plants in the world caught on fire.

Local officials in Ukraine stated that the Russians have control over the plant, and IAEA confirmed the development last week. Reactors were shut down, and others were placed on low power because of the fire.

“I’m extremely concerned about these developments that were reported to me today,” Grossi said in Sunday’s statement. “Just a few days after I presented the seven main elements of nuclear safety and security to the IAEA Board, several of them are already being compromised.” He added that there are problems with food availability and supplies at the plant.

“In order to be able to operate the plant safely and securely, management and staff must be allowed to carry out their vital duties in stable conditions without undue external interference or pressure,” Grossi said.

In 1986, Ukraine suffered the worst nuclear plant disaster that the world has ever seen; the Chernobyl reactor meltdown. After the start of this event on February 24, troops took over Chernobyl, located 60 miles north of Kyiv.


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